Fixed Base Mount

Brief Description

The Pad Base Mount is a Sony camera shooting at 120 fps in 720P but is only about 18 inches away from the rocket motor. For this reason it is protected in an aluminium tube. It is fixed to the base of the launch pad and provides great shots of motor ignition.

  • Mounted on the launch pad base
  • Looks directly at the base of the rocket
  • Uses Sony High Speed Camera
  • Great videos for motor ignition

Example Footage


This mount is bolted directly to the edge of the Launch Pad base. The angle of the camera is not adjustable but the height of the mount can be adjusted to accommodate for the rocket position of the rail. Likewise the position of the camera can be adjusted left or right for better alignment. This camera mount provides excellent footage of motor ignition and can be used to study the time it takes for motors to come up to pressure.

Because the camera is located so close to the blast of the rocket motor, the camera must be protected. In addition to the plastic protective case the camera uses, it is then installed into an aluminium tube and covered with aluminium tape. This arrangement does not completely seal the unit but well enough from the blast.