Fixed Lower Pole Mount

Brief Description

This mount has all three types of camera like the Pitching Mounts but does not move. It is located at the Pole Mount but located about 12 feet off the ground.

  • Looks directly at the launch tower
  • Contains all three types of cameras
  • Great images and videos during rocket loading and lift off

Example Images

Example NS Footage

Example HS Footage


This mount is constructed from two pieces of wood that are split and surround the telescoping pole. The cameras are attached by securing them to a plate attached to the wood. The Fixed Lower Pole Mount is secured to the telescoping pole with a rubber strap the hold the two pieces from separating. The mount rests at the top of the first section of the telescoping pole.

This mount fills the need for the cameras to be mounted above the crowd that might obstruct their view. The Pitching Pole Mount also has this feature but at 40 feet it looks more down on the launch area. The Fixed Lower Pole Mount fills this perspective. Of course this mount must be removed every time the telescoping pole is lowered.

The GoPro camera has the audio feed in from the Tascam so the sound from the Shotgun Microphones that capture the teams discussions prior to launch are automatically recorded on the video camera. If higher quality audio is desired, the audio recording made with the Tascam can be used by syncing with the video recording during post production.