Frequently Asked Questions


How does this work?

You and Rocketry Photography coordinate to determine the best launch date and time for your flight. Rocketry Photography takes care of the launch set up and cameras and all you have to do is fly your rocket from our launch pad.

You can worry about the details of flying your rocket and let us take care of recording the event for you. Rocketry Photography separates your rockets files into one folder for you to review the next day. If you wish to purchase, you can take your videos home with you from the rocket launch.

Should I contact you in advance of the launch?

It is not required but highly desirable to make contact prior to a launch. Better preparation by both Rocketry Photography and the flier reduces last minute adjustments as well as makes for better videos and photographs.

What do I get?

Rocketry Photography provides the flyer with the raw video and still images for them to use. You receive the footage from over 20 cameras. However, in rare cases some of the videos or images may be omitted if they are of no value.

Do I need to provide my own media?

No, the files are delivered to you usually via a SD card.

Do the cameras work all the time?

On occasion the cameras can fail to work or the product is essentially of no value. Wires can break, lenses can get covered with dirt, etc. and in those cases no video or images are available from those camera. One reason for so many cameras is that if one camera fails, there is still ample footage available.

How much does it cost?

It costs nothing to launch from our set up and there is no obligation to purchase the footage. The typical price for the videos and pictures from about 20 cameras is $500 per flight (plus any taxes) or about the cost of a M motor reload.

Does Rocketry Photography give discounts?

Yes. The fee changes depending on various factors. If a launch is close by the fee is reduced, discounts for multiple flights or payment in advance.

Which launches do you attend?

Mostly Rocketry Photography could attend a rocket launch in the South-West corner of the US and possibly some launches in the Midwest. Please contact Rocketry Photography to find out if they could attend a rocket launch near you.

When do I get the videos and images?

Typically the videos and images are available the following day of your flight. If you wish to purchase them, you can take them home with you from the rocket launch.

Does Rocketry Photography edit the photographs or videos?

On some occasions Rocketry Photography may do very minor post production editing but essentially Rocketry Photography does not edit anything. Rocketry Photography does process some of the videos to ensure quality but if editing is needed, contact us.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For now, Paypal, checks or cash only. We cannot process credit cards at this time.

How long does it take to set up the equipment?

It takes over a day but to ensure launches are not delayed, Rocketry Photography asks for access to the launch field for two days prior the launch to set up.


Can anyone fly from your set up?

Anyone can fly from the set up provided their rocket meets all of the requirements. However priority for someone else to fly first may be used.

Are there any special requirements?

Yes. First and foremost the rocket must be safe to launch. Rockets may be denied flying if Rocketry Photography feels the rocket is not safe. In addition, it is recommended the rail buttons on your rocket use a slight stand off, even a washer will work. The activation switch is a 1/8" rod and can bind between the rocket and rail. The rocket will also have to be weighed prior to loading onto the launch pad.

What information do you need?

The motor used and the rockets take off weight are essential but other desired information we often like to see is the diameter and length of the rocket, its the paint scheme and and any special information about the rocket.

Can I substitute a different rocket or motor?

Of course. If the rocket you planned on isn't ready in time, you can certainly fly a different rocket or motor, even if you purchased the videos in advance.

How heavy of a rocket can I fly?

Rockets over 200 pounds have flown from the launch pad. The rail is 16 feet long of 1515 size 8020inc extrusion.

What type of support is used to hold the rocket?

Rocketry Photography has available a variety of types of standoff's to support the weight of your rocket. If your rocket uses a boat tail or any special circumstances at the base of the rocket, let us know to make sure the launch pad will support your rocket.

Do I have to purchase the videos and images?

There is no obligation to purchase the videos and images. However, only serious requests to use the launch set up are appreciated.

Why do I need to weigh the rocket?

The pitching camera mounts are calibrated based on the initial acceleration of the rocket. The most accurate method is to use the initial thrust of the motor and the weight of the rocket. The more accurate the measurements, the better the cameras will track.

Can I fly any motor?

Any solid rocket motor can be used if the motor has been tested using a thrust stand and the thrust curve is presented. Rocketry Photography has data from most 75mm and 98mm commercial motors. If you would like to use a research motor, you must contact Rocketry Photography in advance to provide the thrust curve.

Are Hybrid motors allowed?

Not at this time.

What if my rocket damages the cameras or equipment?

The flyer is not responsible for damage to the cameras or equipment provided there is no deception relaying information. Rocketry Photography reserves the right to deny a rocket from flying if we feel there is a chance the rocket or flier is not safe. If the flier misleads Rocketry Photography and damage occurs, the flier is responsible for replacement.

Is the flier required to help set up the equipment?

No help is required to set up or tear down but any help is greatly appreciated. If Weather or other factors delay setting up, then it could have an impact on flights scheduled to launch.